Is a Body Piercing Fashion Or Just Plain Crazy?

It seems that initially Asian countries began the trend of body piercing may years ago. It is now part of the tradition in most Asian countries to have the girl children pierce their ears. This stared as fun has now grown into a money minting industry for piercing artists. Most beauty salons now do piercings too and consider that to be an added service to their most desperate clients.It isn’t just women who are impressed with this body piercing fashion – a lot of men seem to consider getting any piercing to be a hot trend and most of them also believe that it is definitely a turn on for dames. And from there we could easily classify many piercings into various kinds and body parts that are pierced.Most people wanting to display body piercing fashion really like to have their naval pierced. Though piercing the ears is a custom, lately piercing the naval has been a trend setter. Not just those with a flat abs but even those who have huge bellies adore it when they pierce the belly buttons. It isn’t as painful as it appears to be. The small needle that is fresh and not reused for hygiene purposes is used to make an incision and then an ornament is gently worn on the naval.Also, most people opting for body piercing fashion admire wearing a ring like jewel on the naval, where a few consider precious stones as their passion. The better way to care for a pierce on the naval is to clean it as often as possible. Say after a shower we could use an ear bud to clean the gentle surface of the pierced area. No harsh soaps should be used on the naval and of course never dab too fast.On the rise, many people are now piercing their brows too. The face is the index of the mind, this being so true, most youngsters resort to piercing their eye brows as a part of their new body piercing fashion appearance. This piercing could take a couple of days to heal at first as the skin below the brows is rather too soft for that.But then a pierce on the eye brows does always look so impressive. It shows that you could tolerate pain and that you are sturdy and aggressive. It is mostly resorted to by men rather than women. The piercing of the brows does need lot of hygiene. The face can get into a lot of dust which could infect the piercing. Thus we should always carry some wet wipes, probably disinfected ones to clean wipe the pierce. Wearing rings could be smart but then you should take care that it does not get pulled or tugged.It seems true that in today’s world fashion has rather become a mantra not just for youngsters but also for all those who want to appear to be young and those that are living younger lives. There are just too many ways in which we could attempt to look younger and smarter and body piercing fashion seems to be the new hot trend that so many people are experimenting with today to both maintain their youth and establish their rebelliousness all at the same time.